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Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy/Refund Policy of Contracts for Travel Consulting Service

Privacy Policy:

At My New Trips Ltd, we have a strict privacy policy that ensures the protection of our customers’ personal data, and we do not retain any data, regardless of its category. However, we retain the data provided by the customer in the Consulting Fee Contract Form, which is executed through Dotted Sign.

1.1 The Contract for Travel Consulting Service is subject to the provisions of the Standard Terms and Conditions, which our Company (referred to as “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) executes with the traveler. Matters that are not provided for in these Standard Terms and Conditions will be governed by laws, ordinances, regulations, and generally established practices.

1.2 In cases where our Company executes a Special Contract with the traveler in writing without violating the relevant law and harming the interests of the traveler, such Special Contract will be given priority.

Definition of “Travel Consulting Service”

2.0 The term “Travel Consulting Service” refers to the services provided by our Company at the request of the traveler, by receiving payment of the Handling Fee (Consulting Fee), which include advice necessary for the traveler to create their travel plan, creating a travel plan, quotation of the expenses required for such travel, providing information concerning destinations, transport and accommodation facilities, and providing other advice and information necessary for travel.

Contracting our Travel Consulting Service

3.0 To use our Travel Consulting Service, the traveler must fill in the necessary information in the Form (DocuSign) designated by us and submit it to us. The Contract for Travel Consulting Service goes into effect when we accept the traveler’s request and receive the Form specified.

We reserve the right to decline the traveler’s request in cases where the content of the traveler’s consultation is contrary to public order and morals, there is a risk of violating the laws and regulations enforced at the location being toured, the traveler is associated or affiliated with a crime syndicate, a corporate racketeer, or any other organized crime, the traveler makes violent or unreasonable demands of our Company, spreads false rumors or uses fraudulent means or intimidation to interfere with the business of our Company, or there is an inconvenience related to our business.

Consulting Fee

4.0 When our Company has performed the services described in Article 2, the traveler must pay the Consulting Fee described in the table provided by the date specified by us. If it is found that the traveler falls under any of the items listed in Article 3.4, we may cancel the Contract for Travel Consulting Service.

Cancellation of the Contract

5.0 Our Company shall be liable for any damage caused to the traveler intentionally or by gross negligence while performing the Travel Consulting Service. However, our Company will not be held responsible if the accommodation and transportation arrangements and other travel services cannot be realized according to the initial plan prepared by our Company, even if it becomes impossible to conclude contracts with the transportation and accommodation facilities, etc., due to circumstances such as full occupancy.

Refund Policy

6.0 If the travel ticket, hotel booking, or any other travel-related booking purchased by the traveler from third-party companies is canceled/delayed/extended, the refund policy of those third-party companies will be applied. The traveler must adhere to those policies. If the refund from those third-party companies is granted, the refund amount is usually released within 60-180 days, or as mentioned by them. As for the consulting fee of our company, it will be refunded completely on the first day of the consultation if the traveler provides proper proof of cancellation of the ticket/and any other travel-related booking. However, if the traveler does not apply for the cancellation of travel-related booking from the relevant third-party companies within two days of entering into a consulting contract with us, the consulting fee will be refunded, but with a 20% + tax deduction from the paid consulting fee. If the traveler applies for cancellations of travel-related booking from third-party companies after seven days of entering into a travel consulting contract with us, the consulting fee will not be refunded.